Women’s Split Hem Jeans

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Welcome fashion enthusiasts! We know you’re always on the lookout for new and innovative styles, and that’s why we’ve gathered some of the best Womens Split Hem Jeans out there, just for you. Get ready to make a statement with this exciting and trendy fashion choice.

In this roundup, we’ve curated a selection of the finest Womens Split Hem Jeans available. From classic denim to chic cotton options, we’ve got you covered. Ready to discover your new favorite pair? Let’s dive in!

The Top 5 Best Women’s Split Hem Jeans

  1. High Rise Flared Denim Jeans for Women — Split Bottom & Frayed Trim — Step into style with Grace Jeans’ High Rise Split Bottom Flare Denim Jeans, featuring a 98% cotton elastane blend, mid wash, flare leg, high rise fit, and unique front split hem detail.
  2. High Rise Split Hem Flare Jeans — Flatter your figure, lengthen your legs and celebrate your shape with the Levi’s 726 High Rise Flare Split Hem Jeans — a stylish and comfortable choice for everyday wear!
  3. Mid Rise Split Hem Flare Jeans in Medium Blue — Step back in time with Mango’s stylish Split Hem Flare Pants, perfect for vintage enthusiasts with a touch of modern comfort.
  4. Fashionable Mango Slit Hem Flare Jeans in Dark Blue — Experience the ultimate blend of style and sustainability with these Dark Blue Mango Slit Hem Flare Jeans, featuring premium denim-style cotton and a socially responsible manufacturing process.
  5. Free People Level Up Side Slit Bootcut Jeans in Country Blue Wash: Stylish and Comfortable Denim — Experience ultimate comfort and style with the Free People Level Up Side Slit Bootcut Jeans in Country Blue Wash, available at Nordstrom. Size 31.

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High Rise Flared Denim Jeans for Women — Split Bottom & Frayed Trim

High Rise Flared Denim Jeans for Women - Split Bottom & Frayed Trim | Image

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing these Grace in La Women’s High Rise Split Bottom Flare Denim Jeans, and I must say, they’ve quickly become one of my go-to pairs for a casual, yet stylish look. The high rise fit is incredibly comfortable, and I appreciate the 5 pocket construction — it’s always nice to have an array of pockets for my daily essentials.

The front split hem detail adds a nice touch of flair, and the frayed trim gives these jeans an effortless, boho-chic vibe. However, I noticed that these jeans do require a bit more care than I’m used to with my other denim pairs — hand wash cold and hang dry, no machine washing allowed.

Overall, I’d say these jeans are a worthwhile addition to any wardrobe, but be prepared to put in a little extra effort to keep them looking their best.

High Rise Split Hem Flare Jeans

High Rise Split Hem Flare Jeans | Image

I recently came across the Levi’s Women’s 726 High Rise Flare Split Hem Jeans, and I have to say, they’ve become a staple in my wardrobe. The high rise feature is a game-changer for me, accentuating my waist and elongating my legs. The split hem adds a charming touch, giving my outfit a unique twist.

One of the best things about these jeans is their Stellar Stretch technology. The blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane results in a truly versatile and comfortable fabric. My jeans have just the right amount of stretch, providing a snug fit without being overly constricting or losing their shape.

However, it is essential to note that the sizing may vary slightly based on individual preferences. Some reviewers have mentioned sizing up to get the perfect fit. It’s a smart suggestion to try them on or order from a store with a flexible return policy, just in case.

I also appreciate that these jeans are made with water-saving materials and carry a 5-pocket styling, which makes them not only stylish but environmentally conscious as well.

In conclusion, the Levi’s Women’s 726 High Rise Flare Split Hem Jeans offer a unique and flattering fit, while also incorporating sustainable materials and a comfortable fit. Just remember to consider sizing when making a purchase and experiment with different styles to find the perfect match for your body.

Mid Rise Split Hem Flare Jeans in Medium Blue

Mid Rise Split Hem Flare Jeans in Medium Blue | Image

I recently added these Medium Blue Split Hem Flare Jeans from Mango to my wardrobe, and I must say, they’ve been a breath of fresh air. The high waist and flared silhouette transport me back to the 70s, while the cotton blended denim feels comfortable and durable. The plain design is perfect for dressing up or down, depending on the occasion.

One thing that stood out for me was the care instructions. I was pleased to learn that minimizing washing helps prevent shrinkage and fading. I’ve been hanging these jeans to air whenever I can, and when it’s time for a wash, I turn them inside out and wash them separately in cold water, line drying whenever possible.

My overall experience with these jeans has been positive, but I do wish they came in more colors. However, the flattering fit and classic style make up for it. Don’t let the funky design fool you — these jeans are a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Fashionable Mango Slit Hem Flare Jeans in Dark Blue

Fashionable Mango Slit Hem Flare Jeans in Dark Blue | Image

Slipping into a pair of Mango Slit Hem Flare Jeans in Dark Blue felt like an instant stylish statement. The denim-style cotton fabric had a delightful elasticity, making them easy to slip on and move comfortably. The straighter design added an effortless, chic element to my look. The jeans featured a medium-sized waist, two side pockets for practicality, and two patch pockets with a cute, playful touch on the back.

The zip and one-button fastening gave them a retro yet modern feel. I enjoyed the frayed hem because it added a little edge to the overall style. The slits in the hemline made them an exciting fashion choice for a day out. With an inseam of 31.49 inches and the model wearing a size 36 for reference, these were a comfortable fit. Plus, the full-length, dark blue color elevated the flared silhouette, making them a fun addition to my wardrobe.

Free People Level Up Side Slit Bootcut Jeans in Country Blue Wash: Stylish and Comfortable Denim

Free People Level Up Side Slit Bootcut Jeans in Country Blue Wash: Stylish and Comfortable Denim | Image

I recently had the chance to try on the Free People Level Up Side Slit Bootcut Jeans in a beautiful country blue wash, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The first thing I noticed was how effortlessly they fit like a glove, all thanks to the stretchy denim fabric. The bootcut legs added the perfect touch of classic charm, while the slanted front pockets and side slits lent a contemporary feel. These jeans were incredibly comfortable, making them a versatile option for both dressy and casual occasions.

Despite their high-quality craftsmanship, I did come across a minor drawback — after a full day of wear, they tended to stretch out a bit. This led me to consider sizing down for a better fit. But overall, my experience with these Free People jeans was delightful, and I can confidently recommend them to anyone looking for a stylish yet comfortable pair of jeans.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on womens split hem jeans! This section will provide you with valuable information about the important features, considerations, and general advice for split hem jeans. Our goal is to make your shopping experience a breeze by giving you the knowledge you need to choose the perfect pair of jeans for your style and preferences.


Important Features to Look for in Womens Split Hem Jeans

When purchasing womens split hem jeans, consider the following features to ensure a comfortable, stylish and high-quality fit. These features may include the fabric, fit, length, and design options available in the market. For each feature, we will provide an explanation to help you make the best decision.


The fabric of split hem jeans plays a crucial role in determining its durability, breathability, and overall comfort. Common materials for these jeans include cotton, spandex, and rayon. Look for high-quality fabric blends that offer a mix of comfort and support when shopping for split hem jeans. Some brands also use special stretch materials to ensure a perfect fit.



The fit of your split hem jeans should be considered carefully to ensure the utmost comfort and flattering appearance. Some popular fits for women include skinny, straight, and wide-leg styles. Choose the fit that best suits your body type and the occasion you will be wearing the jeans for. Keep in mind that some split hem designs may have a different fit in the waist and thigh area to allow for easy movement and a more dynamic look.


The length of your split hem jeans is an important factor to consider. You want to make sure that the jeans are long enough to wear with your preferred footwear without having to roll them up or down. Popular lengths for womens split hem jeans include full-length, crop, and ankle-length. Determine the desired length based on the hemline you wish to showcase, as well as the type of shoes and outfit you plan on pairing with the jeans.



What are split hem jeans?

Split hem jeans are a type of denim or other fabric pants designed with a split or panel at the bottom that extends to showcase a different color, pattern, or material underneath. This fashionable design adds a touch of variety and can be paired with a variety of shoes or sandals depending on the outfit.

These pants come in a range of cuts, colors, and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect pair to suit your style and body type. They are available in both high-waisted and low-waisted versions, ensuring optimal comfort and fit for every wearer throughout the day. Split hem jeans can be worn for various occasions, including casual outings, parties, or even in the workplace, as long as the workplace dress code allows for such fashion choices.


What are the benefits of wearing split hem jeans?

Split hem jeans offer several benefits to women wearing them, such as versatility, style, and added value to a wardrobe. Their unique design allows them to be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the wearer’s preferences and the occasion. They provide the option to mix and match different colors and patterns, resulting in a variety of outfits that can be easily created with just a few pieces in your closet.

Moreover, the split hem design adds an element of surprise and fun to an outfit, creating a unique fashion statement that is sure to turn heads. As a result, split hem jeans can be an excellent investment for those looking to enhance their wardrobe with versatile and stylish options that can be worn on multiple occasions.

What are the popular colors for split hem jeans?

Popular colors for split hem jeans include darker shades like black, navy, and dark wash denim, as well as lighter colors like white, beige, and pastels. These colors allow for easy pairing with a variety of tops, from neutral colors to bold and bright hues, making it effortless to create a well-balanced outfit.

In addition to these standard colors, split hem jeans are also available in various interesting patterns, such as florals, stripes, leopard prints, and more. These patterns add an element of uniqueness and creativity to the jeans, making them stand out in a crowd and offering the opportunity to express personal style and preferences.


What sizes are split hem jeans available in?

Split hem jeans are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different body types and preferences. They typically come in standard women’s sizes, ranging from petite to tall, as well as plus-size options. It is essential to check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer or retailer to ensure you order the correct size for the best fit and comfort.

In addition to these standard sizes, some brands may also offer custom or made-to-measure options for a tailored fit. These services may come with an additional charge, but allow for a perfect fit and increased satisfaction with the purchase. It is always recommended to consult with the manufacturer, retailer, or customer service for specific sizing and fit questions.

What brands offer split hem jeans?

Split hem jeans are offered by a variety of brands, both high-end and affordable. Popular brands include Levi’s, Joe’s Jeans, and Hudson Jeans. These brands are known for their quality denim and innovative design ideas, making them a go-to for fashionable and functional split hem jeans. However, there are many other brands available in the market that offer split hem jeans, so it’s essential to explore various options and compare features, styles, and prices to find the perfect pair that fits your needs and preferences.

Additionally, many online retailers, such as ASOS, Amazon, and Zalando, offer a wide selection of split hem jeans from various brands and designers, allowing for easy browsing and selection of the best options for your taste and budget. Make sure to read the product descriptions, reviews, and sizing information to ensure that the jeans you choose will meet your expectations and provide a great fit.

What are the best ways to style split hem jeans?

Split hem jeans offer versatility in terms of styling options. They can be paired with a variety of shoes or sandals, depending on the occasion and desired look. For a casual and effortless outfit, try styling your split hem jeans with a simple t-shirt, blouse, or sweater and a pair of sneakers or ankle boots. This approach allows for comfortable wear and a relaxed vibe.

For a more dressy or sophisticated look, try pairing your split hem jeans with a tucked-in blouse, a fitted jacket, and high heels or ankle-strap sandals. This combination adds a sense of elegance and refinement to the outfit, making it suitable for a night out or special occasion. Experimenting with different combinations of tops and footwear can help you find the perfect balance of style and comfort that works for your body type and personal taste.

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